For help with please first read through the FAQs below.

If you still aren't able to find an answer then please email your question to support.


How do I create Qwiqr feedback?

To create feedback:
  • Print a sheet of stickers.
  • Attach a sticker to any assessment, test paper or other document.
  • Scan the sticker with a qrcode reader and follow the link.
  • Record your audio feedback, text message or web link and it will be permanently associated with that sticker.
  • When your student scans the sticker it will take them to your feedback.

What version of iOS is required to record Qwiqr feedback?

iOS version 12.1.1

How do I scan the QR code?

IPhone / iPad / Android Pie - just point the device camera at the QR code and the click on the link that appears.

Older Android versions – download and install a QR code reader app.

Do I need to install an app to use Qwiqr?

No, Qwiqr uses web technology. You don't need to install an app.

What are the Qwiqr terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions for Qwiqr can be found here.

What is Qwiqr's privacy policy?

The Qwiqr privacy policy can be found here.

Is Qwiqr feedback secure?

There is no password required to access a published piece of Qwiqr feedback but it is necessary to have the correct code to access feedback.

There are over 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible codes, roughly as many as grains of sand on the Earth.

The codes are randomly assigned when stickers are printed, and the only way to find out which codes are valid is to try them. Testing 100 codes each second it would take approximately 300 million years.

Anyone with access to the printed sticker can access the feedback, but this is also true with written feedback on student's work.

The record button isn't working.

Make sure you are using either Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android. If you are using a QR code scanner app they often use a different built-in browser. There should be a "open in browser" or similar button you can press.

Where is my data stored?

All Qwiqr data is stored in the UK.

What type of sticker do you recommend?

In the UK I recommend the following from labels4u as they are the cheapest option and work well.
If you can't order from this company then use Avery L7120 QR code labels. These high quality labels work well, but are more expensive.
If you would like Qwiqr to support a new format of label, not listed on the print page, please email and I will add it. It is helpful you can can attached a word/pdf template for the labels to your email.